With unrivalled know-how in scissors manufacturing, the company has managed to adjust to trends over the years, resisting and innovating so that its products remain competitive and with the quality it has always strived for from process improvement and modernization with the introduction of equipment and robot technology to product diversification.

Carpa is targeted at the production of tools with application in forestry, agriculture, and gardening. There was an investment in the creation of a commercial network in Brazil to better promote its brand with its own subsidiary named Carpa do Brasil, Ltda.

Since the founder of the company was a fishing lover, he had a special affection for the “carp”, not only due to its beauty, but also due to its longevity and fighting skills.

Given that his company manufactured quality products, he wanted it to convey to the public this idea of quality and robustness. No wonder that in these years of operation the company has always grown and yielded good results.