Carpa is pruning.

Carpa is one of the commercial brands of Serafim Fertuzinhos, S.A.

With a remarkable know-how on the manufacturing of pruning shears, the company was able, along the years to adjust to the tendencies, resisting and innovating so that the product continues to be competitive but with the same quality as usual, improving and modernizing the fabrication process, with the introduction of robotic machinery and product diversification.

Carpa is dedicated to the manufacture of tools applied in forestry, agriculture and garden. Serafim Fertuzinhos S. A. exports to the 5 continents. It owns a commercial network in Brazil for a better introduction of the brand in that country, the company name is Carpa do Brasil, Ltda.




Being, the founder of the company, a fishing fan, he had a special affection for the carp fish (carpa in Portuguese language), not only for the beauty of the fish itself but also for the longevity and fighting capacity.

Manufacturing quality products he wanted that his company transmitted to the public that idea of quality and strength.